The Denver planning committee is currently seeking partners to provide sponsorships, grants, and donations to help make NPS Denver the best one yet! With important partners like the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation already on board, we know that we can make this an unforgettably dynamic event.

The National Poetry Slam is a great opportunity to connect Denver’s arts and business communities to show our visitors the best that the Mile High City has to offer. With a solid week of events that are open to the public, the National Poetry Slam offers workshops, themed open mics, and poetry slam events, using multiple venues all day and night. From libraries and museums to bars, clubs, and performance halls, NPS brings people into many different kinds of venues to showcase the best of Denver. In addition to the tournament, the event offers expert workshops and side events including the Haiku Slam, Nerd Slam, open mics that celebrate identity, and many other inclusive and welcoming performance spaces present opportunities for the local community of writers and audiences to participate.

Events will take place in downtown Denver and in Five Points, along the Welton Street Corridor. Our day events will include writing workshops led by experts from all over the United States, a haiku competition, and a series of themed open mics and poetry slams that will be open to the public. The tournament kicks off on Tuesday, August 8 and six venues simultaneously, and will culminate in the final night of competition on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at the Paramount Theater.

Click to download our Development Kit today or e-mail executivedirector@poetryslam.com for sponsorship opportunities.